Completed shooting the series about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes in Russia

In the film about the adventures of the legendary detective in the Russian Empire from the reign of Alexander III the actor Maxim Matveev tried on the coat Sherlock Holmes and Konstantin Bogomolov – the uniform of the chief of police.

In the story, Sherlock Holmes is on the trail of Jack the Ripper. Maniac already killed in London several women, each time leaving the scene of the message addressed to the detective. After a fight with the killer, in which the wounded Watson, Holmes realizes that his enemy has escaped… into the Russian Empire. The detective arrives to St. Petersburg, where nobody’s heard of deduction, and methods of the London detective not taken seriously, settles on Pekarska street (how else to transfer Baker street?), and with the local doctor by Karawin unravels a terrible crime despite the opposition of the police in the face of the head Hard.

the role of Dr. Kartsev Vladimir Mishukov (“Kept”, “Elephants can play football,” “Fish-a dream”). Local “LaStrada” plays Pavel Maikov (“Team”, “Treason”, “Tobol”).

In the series the detective is and assistant, the lady Sophia, with whom relations have turned for the Englishman in more than a joint investigation. In this role, Irina Starshenbaum (“Kept”, “Gravity”, “the Invasion”).

Photo: courtesy the First channel Maxim Matveev played the psychologist, which causes shock in patients

the Main rival of Holmes – chief of police of the sign – “Russian Moriarty”. In this role – Konstantin Bogomolov. His hero – a mysterious, cynical, calculating and very dangerous.

the Director of the series – Nurbek Egen (“Empty house”, “Network”). For the script of the adventures of a London detective in the city of Dostoevsky and Gogol answered Oleg Malovichko (“Method”, “Trotsky”, “Ice”, “Attraction”). Visual solutionstion of Congress on account of the operator, “Trotsky”, “Method” and “Trigger” Nikolay Bogachev. The shooting of the series took place in the summer of 2019 in Saint-Petersburg and the surrounding area, including the famous mansion of A. A. Polovtsev on the Big Sea, which has preserved the interiors of the XIX century.

Direct speech

Nurbek Egen, Director:

– We remove the fantasy of the adventures of Sherlock. The script Oleg Malovichko not based on the works of Conan Doyle. Initially, this idea is Alexander Tsekalo (for the project worth his production company “Sreda” – approx. ed.) has brought the famous artist Alexander Shaburov. Sherlock English ironic, laconic, prudent, cool. But, once in St. Petersburg, starts to change to reflect Russia. Maxim Matveev scrupulousness worked on the Holmes – have painted the whole notebook: in which state he enters the scene ends as the next begins. People joke that this training can be submitted to the Holmes Museum in England. In addition, the capture time or to confess on behalf of Sherlock in front of us were not. We wanted to tell interesting story.

Maxim Matveev, actor:

to be Honest, when I received the offer from Alexander Tsekalo, I had doubts: the brightest clearest image of the actors is already embodied this character on the screen. However, there are many moments related to the fact that Sherlock is a foreigner, and he finds himself in a completely alien to the environment. Him, except for cases and crimes, have to overcome more social nuance internally to deal with the reality inherent only in Russia. A lot of humor and irony. I held many meetings with the indigenous Englishman who lives in Russia for a long time, in order to understand how technology – it technology – the Englishman is trying to build Russian language, because all nationalities do it differently. We English have no such sounds, no such verbs, they have different build suggestions. And this for me was the specificity thatYu wanted to implement.

Edward Iloyan, General producer of the series and co-founder of video-sharing START:

Photo: Netfix has chosen actor for the role of Sherlock Holmes in the new series

– “Sherlock in Russia,” is the first joint project of START video service and production company “Environment”. Large-scale surveys, high-quality computer graphics, a great cast and, of course, the script leaves no doubt that “Sherlock in Russia,” will be the largest industrial event. In addition, in my opinion, the movie series has a large international potential.

Ivan Samokhvalov, managing partner of the company “Environment”:

We had long wanted to work with Edward Ileana, Irina Pine and the whole team of the service START and are happy that the premiere of this ambitious project will take place online. Sherlock is the most filmed character in the world, there are more than 210 movies. We naturally wanted to make their own interpretation of adventure. The story of Alexander Shaburov that there is a book about the adventures of the famous detective in Russia, invented the pre-revolutionary novelist Peter Dudorova, hiding under the pseudonym P. orlovets, and its companion P. Nikitin, shook us. “That’s brilliant, Watson!” – we exclaimed simultaneously with Alexander Tsekalo and Alexandra Remizova and ran the script.