the Project, in particular, provides for the launch of the industry platform “Digital forest”, said the Director of the Department of state policy and regulation in forest resources, Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation Andrey Grebennikov during the online conference profile Committee of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. Provides for the transition to a single scheme of territorial planning of timber harvesting – control of its movement, processing, tailored to the needs of processing industries.

According to Grebennikova, the new edition under consideration by relevant departments and industry organizations. The adoption of the document in the short term will allow you to maintain the timber business during the period of the pandemic.

To support market participants recommended that the Ministry of natural resources at the regional level to introduce a deferral of rental payments under contracts for tenants of forest plots. A grace period will also help to support the industry.

among the problematic issues the construction of forest roads in the first place, all year round. Small business financial be able to afford such costs alone is extremely expensive, said the Chairman of the RF CCI Committee on environment and ecology Sergey Alekseev. Therefore, need help. Due to the lack of roads, the business often can not be timely to take their products on sale.

however, the funding limits of the forestry sector in 2020 have been translated in full and the period, said Deputy head of the Federal forestry Agency Mikhail Klinov. Support for all forestry enterprise. Despite the situation with the pandemic funding was reduced, including a program for the conservation of forests.