to Deal with citizens ‘ complaints about the officials will be artificial intelligence. Trust the nervous digital mind decided Minsvyaz.

the Agency made a number of amendments to the law “On the procedure of consideration of citizens in Russia”.

The communication Ministry do not hide that now in the work with citizens ‘ complaints to different departments (from the Council to SK the Russian Federation) bad everything. The petition is lost, do not go and not a moment too long walking around. Ordinary people don’t always understand exactly where it is necessary to complain in their situation. And cases that the logic necessary to transmit from the higher authorities at the municipal level, in General often fall into a black hole.

the Poor fellow to the applicant only and remains what to freeze in anticipation and read the tea leaves, what happened to his request and when, finally, will come the answer. The format of the report, according to digital agencies, irrevocably obsolete. As noted by the Ministry of communications in the explanatory Memorandum, the letter officials can be sent in three ways: regular mail, email and via the form on the official website of the Agency or institution. But feedback from the authors of the letter if there is, it works through time and the demands of the modern rhythm of life. To spare ordinary citizens from unnecessary hassle and waste of time, the Agency decided to move to “digital” the whole procedure of filing appeals. If the new model will be implemented, to surf the sites of various authorities and to seek out addresses, appearances and passwords will not need to.

to Send any complaint, suggestion or proposal, the citizen can through the portal of public services. There will be categories with all sorts of life situations, and then the system will decide where to send the letter. The second option is suitable for those who electronic technologies does not trust. Contact will be via the MFC. The authors of the amendments want to make life easier and officials. For this analysis the model complaints are to be given artificial intelligence.