Competition improvement of small settlements will double the prize Fund

a selection of the best projects of creation of comfortable urban environment is held in 2018. It is organized specifically for cities and historic settlements with a population of 100 thousand people. The total prize Fund is 5 billion rubles, which is shared between 80 winners. They get subsidies of 30-100 million rubles for bringing order to their territories. “If the cities themselves are able to cope with the update of the parks, squares, embankments, small cities are not always able to do it yourself, which is more than 80 percent of all our cities. And of course, they need extra help, including from the Federal budget”, – said on Monday, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin during the operational meeting with his deputies.

Photo: Kirill Kuhmar/TASS How local traditions fit into the improvement of cities

small towns often get complaints about lack of infrastructure: no comfortable seats, no playgrounds, no parks. Without solving these problems, the Prime Minister said, it is impossible to stop the outflow of population from the Russian heartland. “In these cities should not only be jobs. They should become convenient for the residents,” he said.

Competition among small cities allows its winners to update as parks or squares, and to preserve the historical appearance, to make people’s lives more comfortable. And it is the opinion of the local population, said Mikhail Mishustin, should be taken into account when decisions on how to change their city.

this year’s Winners last week announced in Tyumen. One of them came in Zaraysk Moscow and Dagestan Derbent, Gatchina and Pereslavl-Zalessky, Furmanov in the Ivanovo region, Zapolyarny, Murmansk region. “Representatives of many towns made an interesting and worthy projects, so we decided to continue this contest and double the amount of the prize Fund, – said the Prime Minister. I hope that this competition will be another opportunity to improve the quality of life of our people.”

If the cities themselves are able to cope with the update of the parks, squares, embankments, small cities are not always able to do it yourself

At the meeting the head of the Cabinet of Ministers proposed to talk about this aspect of the implementation of national projects like purchase for them of domestic goods and equipment. The President, he recalled, was tasked to do their share in the domestic market dominant. “Accordingly, we need to develop a target for the share of Russian goods in all national projects. This will allow for qualitative monitoring and monitoring their implementation” – said Mishustin. “At the same time domestic production in its characteristics as a minimum should be no worse than foreign analogues and, of course, competitive in price,” – said the Prime Minister.

Since all purchases go through the regions, their leaders, too, must actively contribute to this goal. For them, warned the Prime Minister, increase the share of Russian equipment will be one of the performance indicators. The overall control of the direction will take Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

Photo: iStock Dirt and landscaping: the main problems of Russian cities

This factor will be one of many that the government will have to take into account when preparing the budget for the next three years. Work has already begun, the timing is hard. The Ministry of Finance prior to March 18, shall forward to the Agency the draft directives with the list of grants to the regions. By the beginning of April the Ministry for economic cooperationabout development will prepare development scenarios. The budget Committee will consider them at the end of the second quarter. “We work through the funding for all expenditures, will discuss, respectively, the support of every sector of our economy in September to adopt the budget at a government meeting and not later than October 1 to submit the draft budget for three years in the state Duma” – said the Prime Minister schedule budget work.

– in the formation of the key performance indicators you need to carefully analyze all the risks. As the former, which were related to sanctions and possible new – due to the reaction of world economy to the epidemic of the coronavirus. Provide all measures to mitigate their impact and to perform the tasks ahead of us, – said Mikhail Mishustin.

the Federal budget remains one of the main tools to achieve national development goals and the implementation of national projects, he added, therefore, will be focused on social issues in demography, health, social protection of people will continue the construction of kindergartens, schools, hospitals, transport infrastructure development.