According to competition Commission data by Thursday have been the arrangements in the city of Bern and the surrounding area over several years up to 2013. Specifically, the two companies have coordinated their price-lists, about their quantity discounts exchanged, and a common gravel – concrete provided chunk.

The customer certain benefits have been granted according to the competition Commission only if they moved all the gravel and concrete in the case of the members of the cartel. For the calculation and payment of the discounts and benefits you are supposed to have a common collection Agency operated, they exchanged detailed quantity and price information. The buses amounts to a total of approximately 22 million Swiss francs, as the competition Commission announced.

Kästli rejects allegations

the decision of The Comco can be drawn to the Federal administrative court. Want to do the Kästli AG and the Alluvia AG, as you write, each in separate releases on Thursday.

The Kästli AG dismissed all the allegations, the competition Commission relating to antitrust misconduct to the full extent: You have to act at all times to the best of our Knowledge and belief, lawful.

Board of Directors President Daniel Kästli, with the words, quote, the decision was based on “irritating incomplete and in part, simply wrong surveys”. The allegations were not correct. The Whole was not a fair and independent Process worthy of the message.

it sounds from Alluvia: The allegations were baseless and would be rejected. Already, the investigation of the gravel market in Bern by the Comco Secretariat is irritating incomplete and deficient.

gravel being cost taxpayers too much

in Addition, exculpatory evidence and statements be shortened, and distorted, played back, or even omitted. Repeated initiatives of the two companies, the basic facts in the sense of an objective assessment of the facts involved, have been ignored, according to the Alluvia and Kästli.

The competition Commission had started to Investigate against various gravel and landfill company in the Canton of Bern in 2015. The results were also expected from the policy with the voltage.

The Great Council a report of the financial control is that the gravel and the Landfill three to five million Swiss francs costs the taxpayer every year more than necessary. (SDA)