The laws, regulations and measures are unique in the history of the Federal Republic, said Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey (SPD).

compensation payment in the case of closed schools and kindergartens

parents of children up to 12 years of age, who must remain because of the arranged School and daycare closures to home and thus lose income, will be entitled to get compensation from the state. Paid 67 per cent of the net income, but a maximum of 2016 Euro per month for a maximum period of six weeks. To claim only those parents who “find no other reasonable care”. No claim, workers get short-time work or other opportunities to have your work “temporarily paid to stay away from have”, for example by reducing Overtime.

support children award

low-income families to get in Germany for up to 185 euros child allowance per month and per child – not to be confused with the children’s money, the all get. If someone gets child allowance depends on the income. So far, the last six months were used. Now only the last month should count. So parents should come up with abruptly wegbrechendem income from the performance.

  • you need to know now is child’s Supplement: Up to € 185 per child: The parents need to reform the children’s allowance knowledge

mobilization and position of workers,

If the pandemic turn out to be too many workers in critical areas such as police, hospitals or nursing should can be relaxed by the regulation, the working hours act, the operation still ensure. In addition, are to be obtained in case of emergency, for example, for the agriculture workers from other sectors because of the crisis itself on short-time working. Who in “system-relevant areas” and help you, his or her income, he made then, should not be credited to be short-time working money.

in Early retirement, more

This purpose also deserve the repeal of the additional earnings limits for early retirees is used. You should, if you want to be allowed to earn help in the current crisis situation, in the current year, up to 44 590 Euro, without the will be credited to the old-age pension. The additional earnings limit is usually at 6300 Euro-a-year.

More of the Coronavirus

Ease of Hartz-IV-rules

In the job centers simplifying the procedures, in order to support their ability to work, as it is called Nobody should fall due to the economic impact of this crisis in existential Distress. In the case of Hartz IV is omitted temporarily to asset tests and the examination of the amount of the apartment rent.

Social services

Social services, for example, the children, youth and seniors aid, workshops for people with disabilities, pregnant consultations and other social institutions that can currently work only to a limited extent, should be financially supported by the state, so they are not endangered.

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