Should have hoped Donald Trump, the President increase his assets, he has miscalculated. In comparison with the richest of the USA assets is a no brainer. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has 38 Times as much, Elon Musk just seven times. Even the former Ebay Boss Meg Whitman is beating Trump by a few hundred million dollars – Trump creates it in the current “Forbes”list just a ranking of 275.

The value of its net assets in the amount of 3.1 billion dollars is the same as in the previous year. Unlike him, however, most of the billionaire colleagues have multiplied your money by now. This is the reason why Donald Trump in the Ranking slips to 16 places, as the magazine reported. As a Trump in 2016, came as US President, he was able to sort still 119 places higher.

Donald trump’s Name is less desirable

In a number of areas, the sources of revenue for Trump’s run dry. The licensing business is facing problems, for example. Unlike before the presidential real estate developers are reluctant to decorate their objects with the name “Trump”. Some projects – such as in Toronto or Panama – have let their license even expired.

trump’s commitment to working in the office, no foreign transactions are likely to be melted, this area of 170 million dollars to 80 million dollars in sales. Even worse, the Trump Merchandising runs The business with shirts, ties and other products with the name Trump tends to Zero. In 2016, the revenues were at $ 14 million.

More luck Trump with projects that are not obviously associated with him. He holds, according to “Forbes” 30 percent at two nondescript office towers in Manhattan and in San Francisco, managed by a trust Fund. The properties have won year-on-year to 77 million dollars in value. In order for the two buildings, which did not want to purchase a Trump originally, its most valuable objects.

More light views of trump’s Portfolio is its Hotel in Washington, D. C., and two of his Golf Resorts form. The Trump Fans of the popular Hotel made 1 percent more revenue. The Trump National Doral Golf Resort in Miami, he had to cope with a slump in sales of 26 percent within two years, in the previous year, Trump was able to increase the revenue but, again, to 1.5 percent. This helped to increase the value of the resort’s $ 20 million. Also, the value of trump’s Mar-al-Lago Club in Florida has increased to 10 million US dollars, after two nearby properties had been sold to record prices.

This is the richest presidential candidate

The cash of the President increased by $ 10 million. This increase in the President owes his sons Eric and Donald Trump junior. You have the start of trump as the US President objects to the value of $ 100 million in 100 tiny transactions sold, are largely gone under the Radar. A portion of the proceeds flowed in Trumps Cash.

Even if Trump has lost in the billionaire ranking: The richest candidate for the presidential election in 2020, he is all. The only philanthropist Tom Steyer plays as a hedge Fund founder in the billionaire League. With 1.6 billion dollars of his assets, however, is just half as heavy as the Trumps.

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