Since the last interest rate cut by the European Central Bank (ECB) of just under six months, has quadrupled the number of institutes to at least 61 more than, as an evaluation of the Verivox financial comparison GmbH. “Since the Central Bank decision, the Trend took on more and more travel,” said Oliver Maier, CEO of Verivox.

this year Alone, 35 banks have introduced negative interest rates for deposits, especially on the money market account. In order that such banks are still in the minority: The comparison portal has evaluated the on the Internet published price bulletins from around 800 banks and savings banks. With FOCUS Online (to the display) daily allowance comparison in 2020: Here are the Top interest rates

save More than 60 banks charge negative interest for money

from The point of view money market accounts are compared. There are some institutions individual agreements with high net worth individuals met with customers, is expected to total demand more than 61 banks negative interest rates, explained Maier. It would add six financial houses, in which the usually free money market account cost charges. This interest would, in fact, Negative.

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banks suffer from high penalty charges from the ECB

The ECB has tightened up in the middle of September 2019, the penalty interest rate to 0.5 percent, the financial institutions, if they Park money at the Central Bank. In order for the currency to create the guardians of incentives for lending to boost the economy.

Even though there are higher exemption amounts, the penalty interest a billion burden on the industry. According to data from the Deutsche Bundesbank credit institutions by the middle of December 2018 until mid-December 2019, approximately 2.4 billion euros in interest payments on the currency gebunkertes money guardians paid.

Many business customers are paying negative interest rates

To corporate customers financial institutions share the costs for a long time. Increasingly, there is also a private customer, even at lower amounts. Verivox, according to the ten institutions to customers with a premises of less than 100,000 euros-free amount in the money market account – two of which impose the negative interest rate on the entire balance.

consumer advocates suggest that negative interest rates are basically forbidden. You may be with new and existing customers is only permitted if the Trustee is to pay to be explicitly agreed with the customer. “It is not enough to change the General terms and conditions,” said Dorothea Mohn, head of the financial market teams in the case of verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv). Affected should in case of doubt, the consumer issues a Central contact.

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in Principle, consumer advocates see negative interest rates in the case of “common” sums of money on savings or checking accounts is critical. “From our point of view, this is not economically necessary. The banks continue to earn well,“ said poppy. Affected customers should consider a change of the credit institution.

banking associations to reassure customers

organizations such as the cooperative Association, however, expect no negative interest rates on a broad Front. The Volks – and Raiffeisen banks would take the “protection of the savings of the idea” very seriously, said the Chairman of the Board of the Association, Ingmar Rega recently. “It’s a lot more to be discussed about the disclosure of negative interest rates as a about the lack of asset accumulation for retirement of the people”, lamented the Rega.

the Commerzbank wants to spare the Bulk of your customers before negative interest rates. “We try savers largely from the stress-free keep. The works at the Moment,” said group chief Executive Martin Zielke recently, the “image”-newspaper. In November, Commerzbank announced that it, they search with private customers, which have significantly more than one Million euros on your Bank account, the conversation about alternative investment opportunities.

So customers can interest you in Criminal risk-reducing

Apart from legally contentious issues – savers do not have to panic and worry that your money the house charged you with criminal interest rates. In a first step, they can move their accounts to banks that still have lucrative interest rates for overnight and fixed term numbers.

As a second option to reduce the balances of inventories on accounts, to limit the potential criminal interest.

The deducted money should be directed in the most lucrative Investments. Numerous studies have shown: the permanent investments in shares produce the highest returns. This is also true in spite of interim price declines, such as, for example, currently, in view of the Coronavirus-panic. Basically, Each Phase of the price declines, it ends, then the prices will rise again. Who is ready to invest, you can take advantage of the cheap rates.

not to put his Investments, everything on a card, are a wide scattering ETF. This “Exchange Traded Funds” are exchange-traded financial products. Points with low fees and put your money in dozens, sometimes even hundreds of different companies. In order for investors to be able to spread your investment risk accordingly.

This is possible with worldwide investing ETFs the easiest. They are based on the so-called MSCI World index, a global stock index. It is based on the rates of 1,600 stocks from 23 developed countries. This Index, the following three ETFs are, for example:

the iShares



in addition, there are numerous ETFs that rely on high-dividend equities. With the reinvestment of regular distributions, investors can increase their portfolio value over the years in addition. SPDR S&P UK Dividend Aristocrats UCITS ETF GBP DIS 9.36 +0,86 (+10,13%) Xetra

  • 1 day
  • 6 months

To be suitable to the course data

This also includes saving plans, in which the investors invest monthly in the purchase of ETFs themselves. Individual providers enable you to already from 25 Euro monthly investment amount.

How do I put 20,000 euros?

a daily allowance, fixed deposits, Savings accounts or shares of Fund – what brings the greatest return? FOCUS Online shows you to 30 pages , how they invest their capital, despite mini-interest in a profitable way.

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