More than a quarter of tenants in Switzerland, wants to move in the next 12 months. But there is a big gap between the Wishes and expectations of the apartment and the offer in the market. The current Comparis Report to the residential satisfaction of 2019 shows.

The analysis of the Online comparison service, together with the market research Institute Innofact also shows that The proportion of Relocation is of interest to them in the 18 – to 29-Year-old with nearly 37 percent at the largest. At least 60 want – to 74-Year-old curb.

44 percent think their rent is too high

the number one reason for a move is in the Swiss of the need for a larger apartment. However, there are other factors that do not like the tenants of your living situation – lead to necessarily a move. Almost half of the respondents are disturbed by the thin walls of the apartment.

A faulty or outdated standard to criticize 46.5 percent. Most of the poking, especially in renovation-needy kitchen, and small working and cooking surfaces. A small bathroom with a defective or substandard materials is another often mentioned point of criticism.

45.6 percent of the respondents also criticise the renovation need of the current apartment. In the fourth place of the most-mentioned confounding factors, the amount of the rent is: well-44 percent of the respondents think that the rent is too high.

On the balcony, want to Swiss

without In the study, the Participants were also asked about their waiver readiness of certain features. This shows that the least want to do without a balcony or seat. This is especially true for the Generation of the 60 – to 74-Year-old.

The second-least to miss, the respondents want a quiet environment with low emissions of noise from the outside. In a rural location, the house want to use the least think on the fourth. Here, there are however, significant differences in Valuation between the generations: Senior and senior is living in the country is more important than the Generation of 18 – to 29-Year-old.