Everything is getting more expensive? Puff cake! In the case of car insurance, the prices are falling further and further into the Slides. Since 2014, the premiums have dropped by 25 percent, the comparison portal Comparis in an analysis. Alone in 2018 decreased by eleven percent.

“The variety on offer has increased and prices into the rollers,” explains Comparis-mobility expert, Andrea Auer. Comparis about today is one of 33 insurance models. In 2014, there were 19. The compared policies cover 80 percent of the market.

More insurers, lower premiums

advanced Alone Dextra and PostFinance as a new provider on the market have the whole of the Swiss car-insurance offerings to six product variants.

With auto sense another insurer was added this week, in addition to the well-Established online, directly put insurers under pressure. “The digitization of the Insurance sector is one of the reasons that no serious margin of losses, price reductions are possible,” says Auer. The Median in Comparis analyzed the fully comprehensive premium is now at 832 francs – so, so deeply like never before.

with no notice, no savings

Sounds great, but has a Drawback: Virtually all of the contracts will be extended, without notice, automatically implied for the old price! Anyone who wants to benefit, you must terminate, to be able to, or at least the contract with the existing insurer to change. This is usually three months notice period to the end of the year and at the latest in September.