The textile retailer C&A tightens its Management: four of the seven executives to leave the Board of Directors of the retail chain, with immediate effect, reported the “textile industry”. The Europe Executive Board will consist only of three members, the company confirmed. Also, Martijn van der Zee, and Tjeerd van der Zee include, in addition to CEO Alain Caparros.

The members of Bart Brenninkmeijer, Frank Beeck, Andreas Seitz and Manfred Mandel will leave the Board of Directors. All except Brenninkmeijer, who is also a member of the owner family, a divorce from the family group.

“A company, decide faster, and more effective and more agile want to be, we need a streamlined Management with clear responsibilities and flat hierarchies,” said C&A-Europe-boss Caparros. The restructuring of the company has positions part of a series of strategic soft. A reduction in personnel under the employees was not planned, it said.

in addition, the trade planning chain with cheap Offered an attack on textile disco. “The core range is not enough,” said a company spokesman. The company wants to expand its range in the lower price range, and more higher-value brands have to offer and online Commerce continue to expand.

Caparros was changed in August of 2017, from the food retailer Rewe to C&A. The new C&A-Europe-in-chief had announced changes to years of weaker competitors, such as Aldi, Primark or H&M to poach customers.

last year, the textile traders had made better business. Sales in Europe had risen according to the company, to four percent, the market share of the chain in Europe climbed slightly to 7.3 percent.