of Course, no one writes that one is for the Job to alt. The Cancel tones neutral: “over-Qualified”,””, “spot already taken”. Although the discrimination for many older job seekers is the end of a fact, were the cantons, so far, to name the Problem. Until now.

But now, officially, what about 50-Year-old already know: “Some employers in some industries, younger job applicants, for various reasons, basically.” So it is in an inventory, which has given the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco).

computer programs filter by age

business consultants have spoken with the heads of the cantonal employment offices and labour market authorities over the years. And are sounding the Alarm: the Problem of age discrimination increased, since more and more companies for the preselection of the Candidate files automated recruitment processes – computer programs that work with Filters, in which the age of the candidates is a key criterion.

In other words: there is Hardly a young candidate announced his age, he is out of the race. “So, older job seekers often have no Chance at all of being invited to a job interview”, it says in the report of the Seco. Which employers and which sectors procedure so, it is not clear from the paper.

age discrimination

And yet: “In this clarity I’ve read the earlier authorities never widely used,” says Bruno Sauter, President of the Association of the cantonal labour market authorities (VSAA). It is, unfortunately, a reality that younger workers often cost less. That this is an age-guillotine the same, Sauter is known. This is legal, but: “I just don’t understand how a company would willingly put on such a Filter. What it gains, if it waives the experience and Know-how?”
All of the institutions, which promote for job-seekers, would now need to find out what such companies.

Daniel Lampart by the Swiss trade Union Confederation sees the report confirms: “The cantons shall show thus for the first time, what we have long feared.” Age discrimination is particularly widespread in the it, Telecom and banking industry. Also pharmaceutical and food industry disadvantaged older applicants. Lampart calls, therefore, better protection against dismissal for long-serving employees and a prohibition of discrimination.

This summer, will be launched a people’s initiative against the age discrimination.