more Than 10’000 readers participated in the survey out of a head-to-got-to-head duel between Vladimir Petkovic and Union-coach Urs Fischer.

Since August 2014, Vladimir Petkovic is the coach of the Swiss national team. The team has increased tremendously, occurs dominant and is also successful. Of 58 Games with the 56-Year-old won 32. Also note the successes against Portugal (2:0), Spain (1:1) and Belgium (5:2) flowing into it. Statistically, he’s the best football coach of all time.

Although the Ticino could work on his communication outside of the Coaching Zone even more, want to 23 percent the readers can see him on the Euro 2020 is also on the side line.

“stop it, finally, to face Petkovic in question. The Trainer is really very good and has a flair for this Nati. Tactically, as well as the work on the place are excellent – the team is playing great football – that is certainly more important than any communicative weaknesses”, for example, Dieter Dällenbach from under lakes.

Magdalena Glaser of Basel is not a Petkovic Fan, but notes: “The national team will qualify, probably again for a final tournament, the Nations League group has won, the team is intact! Sporty you can blame him for anything. Perhaps our expectations are simply higher than the skill of the player is really…”

Urs Fischer in high demand

As the only potential Petkovic’s successor out of the question for the SIGHT readers Urs Fischer. The Zurich had as a coach so far, everywhere success (currently with Bundesliga newly promoted Union Berlin) has always gone his down-to-earth way, and would conquer with his charisma at the heart of the national team Fans in a storm. the 35 percent gave him their vote.

For Bruno Steinmann from Thailand is out of the question: “There can be only one: Urs Fischer!”

Kevin Hiltbrunner called the Zurich although not as a candidate, but also has a clear opinion: “It is in urgent need of a break. You should tackle it before the next big tournament. But not in the Form, as Germany has done. Step-by-step and veteran players should take the hat. Also, Mr. Petkovic.”

it is a fact that Qualifies Switzerland as expected, for the EM, the contract of Vladimir Petkovic until after the tournament. After that, is still completely open.

you have voted on:

1 . Urs Fischer : 35%
2. Vladimir Petkovic: 23 percent
3. Someone else: 10%
4. Marcel Koller: 9 percent
4. Lucien Favre: 9 percent
5. Alex Free: 6 percent
6. Gerardo Seaone: 4 percent
6. René Weiler: 4 percent