the second edition of The Nati Checks. And again, you were in the participation of very active. Thank you for this! Here are the results.

What was to be expected. The Arsenal Star is pulling the strings in midfield like no other, is progressing as a Captain, and hits the gate with a Hammer. “Xhakaboom” will receive 55 % of all votes. Behind: Yann Sommer (19 %).

Loris Benito
The outside defenders come off badly. Loris Benito gets the most votes (22 %). The YB-Star gets this dubious honor in front of his club colleagues Kevin Mbabu (19 %).

Vladimir Petkovic: grade of 2.9
whoops! Our national team Coach comes in, the reader-grading poorly. The majority of voters opt for a grade between 2 and 4. The cut that comes out: insufficient.

Note 3,4
Ajetis hand game before Freulers goal, the Yellow card against Manuel Akanji, … Damir Skomina didn’t have his best day. The Slovenian does not come off so well by the readers.

: grade 3.5
He has one of the most difficult Jobs in Switzerland: it is all right. The VIEWS of the reader could not satisfy the SRF-commentator.

Nati-appearance: grade of 2.9
What can change the last 10 minutes. Switzerland 3:0 or 3:1 would have won, would this Note is different, of course. The reader does not appreciate the collapse of our Nati. Conclusion: not enough!

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