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What makes a student in the school, reading strongly depends on their origin. This principle remains, Despite all efforts. The Numbers in a OECD study showed recently. How can we enable more children, the chances of getting a higher education degree? If all go to the same school, says the Berlin-based teacher Ryan Plocher.

Actually, I didn’t want to be a teacher. I just wanted to go home. I’m from the USA, from a small town in Georgia. After my Bachelor’s, I opted for a job as a foreign language assistant in North-Rhine Westphalia, in a community school. Since I have a desire to get on the Job.

My school, the Fritz-Karsen school in Berlin-Neukölln, is legendary. In 1948 she founded a model school in the seventies, when we worked on the concept for comprehensive schools. As I studied, I did an internship here and immediately thought: This is the school in which I would like to work.

high school it’s just about performance, anyone who doesn’t fit, is sent away. We can promote in all directions. We offer all the education degrees and we have the necessary amount of committed parents. The policy asks: How can we create it, even educated children of higher degrees? The answer is: When you go to a community school.There are also studies to prove it.

Ryan Plocher, a teacher at the oldest public high school in Germany © WT BERLIN Ryan Plocher

33 years old, has a Bachelor’s degree in American studies and German language and literature in Atlanta (United States). He then studied to become a teacher of English and political Sciences at the Free University of Berlin. Since 2009 he is a member of the education Union GEW.

students from all walks of life

My classes are very heterogeneous. An example: In my ninth grade class of 24 students, four of a conveying status, twelve want to make the Abitur, and the other eight are taught by subject at the level of primary or secondary school. The concept is called Learning by Teaching: If I help someone to understand something, then I understand it even better. In addition, the development of social competences to use it: I get to collaborate with people who are different than me. The seventh and eighth grade can be hell. But all benefit from learning together.

I teach according to the rituals. The hour always starts the same. This might sound banal, but in the beginning I: Nine to say Good-day, all-in-one. And the students say: Good day, Mr. Plocher. Then I ask the students, your materials out. This is the Moment you lose the attention of the First. Then I write the end of the hour on the Board and tick the individual points, if we have reached you. So, students, what have we done, what we still have in front of us know how long the hour lasts. It helps you to concentrate.

This is a System I have developed with our special education teachers. In my studies, I was not prepared for it. For example, the inclusion. This means that the students are always all. The loud, the quiet, the, understand nothing, and long to learn more. And I’m the only teacher in the room, I must respond to all of them.

The teaching at my school is a total challenge. I have to leave. This means a lot of preparation time, even on weekends. It helps me a lot, that we stick together in the College. We work in Teams.