After four Wins for the kick-off of the national team against Sweden for the first time as a loser from the ice. Of the Russians, the team gets something, then the limits shown.

Despite the two defeats, the SIGHT-reader to distribute to the Team, overall, an adequate (score of 4.2 against Russia) to good (4,8 against Sweden) testimony.

In the game against Tre Kronor can convince SCB striker Gaëtan Haas and NHL defenseman Roman Josi viewers: 38 percent choose Haas as the best Swiss, 36 percent see Josi at the very front.

A day later, it’s not so clear: Goalie Leonardo Genoni stands with 22 percent of the reader-out of votes most likely. Against the Russians the VIEW answer a reader in the sixth championship game for the first time, the question as to the worst Swiss: Michael Fora by falls in the 25 percent of the Fans. The Ambri defender not to get caught in fact, its best in the evening: He must have been after 22 seconds on the penalty bench, and a little later at 0:1 on the ice.

reader-notes against Sweden:

Goalie Reto Berra: 4,3

SRF-commentator Jann Billeter: 4,3

Trainer Patrick Fischer: 4,7

Nati-appearance: 4,8

reader-notes against Russia:

Goalie Leonardo Genoni: 4,1

SRF-commentator Jann Billeter: 4,1

Trainer Patrick Fischer: 4,4

Nati-appearance: a 4.2

From the 10. to 26. May is gagged in Slovakia to nothing Less than the world title. What is the Nati tears? Where will it be played? Who are the favorites? And how the Board looks?

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