hacker attacks, false information, attempts to tamper with elections and voting. The possibilities are many and varied. And the danger also lurks in Switzerland.

communication Professor Stefan Gürtler (55) of the University of applied Sciences North-Western Switzerland now wants to know how much of the election campaign for the National Council and Council of States elections Influence attempts via Facebook or Twitter is suspended. In the VIEW Interview he also explains that the social platforms to be able to proceed against manipulation attempts.

the French President Emmanuel Macron calls for a European Agency for the protection of democracy and the organization Avaaz launched a consumer reporting Agency, in the case of elections against Disinfo-campaigns to proceed. Does that make sense?
Stefan Gürtler:
In the case of elections, such as in Brazil or the USA, there were attempts to tamper. Where foreign forces have tried to take influence, which is a sovereignty issue. This will also be the European elections, a topic. In this respect, I welcome such a message – but it should be independent.

We have no foreign States. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind. We will take these elections, therefore, with an own research project under the magnifying glass.

With a Monitoring on Facebook and Twitter, we want to investigate which candidates, parties or election issues are particularly prone to manipulation. Starting in may we are publishing a monthly Bulletin, which outlines who and what is specially affected. It’s not about percentages, but a mood picture.

Not when it comes to targeted Manipulation. Then the credibility and the user-friendliness of social media will suffer. They lose value for the formation of opinion. And finally, about a third of the Swiss informed on political issues in the social media.

Since there is a wide range. For example, the classic Fake News, so the spread of false information. Another variant are large amounts of Tweets and Posts that suggest an artificial majority opinion, or with many artificial followers a virtual following. This lot of strategy, our inquiry focused.

No-Billag-Initiative a new study shows that the proponents of social media were proportionally much more present than the opponent. Nevertheless, the Initiative was clearly bachab. The Overkill has brought nothing!
The Twitter reach is comparable to that of a large national daily newspaper, to the extent that the effect is put into perspective. If the use of digital communication numbers are on the rise, and those of the conventional communication continue to fall, the danger of Manipulation is greater. Young adults learn today much more only on digital media, are more susceptible to manipulation in the network.

platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter must intervene more strongly to manipulations – in particular, amount of manipulation. All platforms prohibit Automation, and the use of multiple Accounts, however, the business condition is set.

no, in this election, not yet. In the long term.