Common sense in issues of sanctions: state Duma praised the German counterpart

the Deputy of state Duma Ruslan Balbec believes that his German colleague Robbie Slung offering to remove sanctions against Russia, finds robust approach.

Earlier it was reported that the Bundestag Deputy from the party “Alternative for Germany” is called anti-Russian sanctions “absurd” and called immediately to cancel them, reminds RIA Novosti.

Balbec said that the lifting of sanctions – a private affair of any state. In light of the pandemic, it became clear that Euro-Atlantic solidarity does not exist, that everyone is speaking for itself. Against this background, the proposal of the German MP seem sensible. The world always unites against a common threat, and Slung in this case, calls to what “history teaches”.

that in connection with the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, it is necessary to lift the sanctions, earlier said the UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres. He wrote a letter to the leaders of the group of twenty countries gathered March 26 at the virtual summit.