The investigative committee has been working on the storming of the US Capitol for months. Now the first results are coming to light – and paint a bleak picture of former US President Donald Trump. He had a seven-point plan to prevent the change of power.

The committee of inquiry into the storming of the US Capitol has revealed new insights into the background to the attack and has further incriminated ex-President Donald Trump. In the session, which was broadcast on Thursday evening (local time), the panel showed, among other things, previously unpublished video material and excerpts from interviews with former members of the Trump administration. For example, then-Attorney General William Barr called Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud “bullshit.”

Committee members accused Trump of inciting angry mobs to riot in early January 2021 with his claims of fraud. The committee chairman, Bennie Thompson, spoke of an “attempted coup” and warned that democracy in the USA was still in danger.

Trump, on the other hand, accused the committee of bias on Friday. “A one-sided, totally partisan, political witch hunt!” he wrote on the online platform Truth Social, which he co-founded. Trump also attacked his former Attorney General. “Barr was a coward,” wrote the ex-president. “He was stupid.”

Trump reiterated his disproven claim that fraud robbed him of his victory in the 2020 election. Regarding his role in his supporters’ deadly attack on the Capitol just over a year and a half ago, he wrote that the storming was not caused by him, but “by a fake and stolen election”.

Trump had recently incited his supporters at a rally that his election victory had been stolen. The president therefore had to face impeachment proceedings, at the end of which he was acquitted. The Congressional Committee of Inquiry was set up in the summer of 2021 to investigate the background to the attack on the Capitol.

Deputy committee chair Liz Cheney, Republican and Trump critic, said the attack was “not a spontaneous uprising.” “President Trump summoned the mob, gathered the mob and lit the flames of this attack.” For months, Trump coordinated an elaborate plan to overturn the outcome of the presidential election and prevent the transfer of power to his successor.

The US broadcaster “CNN” has the seven-point plan presented by the committee of inquiry and which weighs heavily on Donald Trump:

Further public hearings of the panel are to follow in the coming weeks. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday.

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