Commission may move The Court simply to the agenda. She wants to postpone the upcoming re-election of Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber.


The disciplinary investigation must be awaited, before the Parliament can decide on Lauber future. Finally, there is the Post of the Supreme criminal of the follower in the country.

This study but must be seriously performed. The external special investigator must Lauber Seem meticulously by means of lights and him in the event of discrepancies nail. After the completion of the procedure, the glass must be clear whether Lauber a violation of official Secrecy guilty of, or whether he has otherwise committed a breach of official duty.

And we must assume that Lauber follows the following words: “the reputation of The Federal government and its authorities is significantly dependent on trust, which is to him the population. This trust presupposes that the prosecutors behave correctly at all times, be it in professional or in private life.” So is it rules literally in the code, the Lauber has imposed on his subordinates.

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