After the Federal Council released on Friday the draft of the EU framework contract, can judge him is now the main Swiss business leaders. And you can’t hold back with your opinion!

This shows: Between industrial and commercial large trenches on the go. This is because not all of the same chaff separate from the wheat – don’t talk all the Same bad. Part looks to be about in the case of the accompanying measures for the protection of the Swiss economy, and wages certainly room.

The a want for new instruments for the protection of Wages

employers President Valentin Vogt (58) wants to save the search under contract. The procedure, such as Switzerland and the EU would, in future, to settle the dispute, convinced him. He can also live with the System, such as the EU would have to take on. In the case of the accompanying measures, he reveals openly: “It is now finally time that we sit down together and discuss how the protection of Wages level in Switzerland can keep up with other instruments than before,” said Vogt, in the “NZZ on Sunday”. What exactly, he says.

The others see the flexibility of the labour market at risk

willing to Compromise Hans Hess (63), President of the machinery industry Association Swissmem. He welcomed the proposals of the EU for the protection of Wages. This will stay “is granted, the bureaucracy, however, where it is not needed, it reduces”.

As Hans-Ulrich Bigler (60), Director of the Swiss trades Association, the lid before lifting it. The FDP in the national Council criticized the positions of bailiff and Hess as “not thought through”. Because: “The protection of Wages in the next few weeks, not a matter of technical questions around the screw – for example, to the length of the registration period, in which foreign companies operating in Switzerland, employees have to sign up, or to the density, how they are controlled.” Non-negotiable of wage protection for the unions, because the EU demand that Switzerland would have to be in charge of Changes to these Posting of workers and enforcement directives dynamically.

“This is not just a Problem for the Left! For every company, every commercial operation, this would be a step in the wrong direction.” The commercial boss is convinced: “Vogt continues the biggest trump card in the game, if he comes in regulations that endanger the greatest advantage of the labour market: flexibility.”

it Can save new heads …

Also policy-makers from CVP and SVP to see zero room for wage protection. Konrad Graber (60, LU), the Council of States Committee for economic Affairs and taxation (WAK), believes: “Until the new Federal Council to adopt a definite attitude to the agreement, until the new Union boss Pierre-Yves Maillard to be involved in negotiations until after the elections in 2019, the new head of the Dossier in a relaxed manner assess, there’s nothing.”

… or wins at the end, simply, the SVP?

This Thomas Aeschi (39), a member of the national Council’s WAK forecast. What is the SVP-group head, however, is right: Arguing the economy, fails of the framework agreement, and punishes the EU, Switzerland, then the chances of a wage rise in his eyes, in the people’s protection à la SVP. That is to say for limiting the Initiative, which wants to cancel the migration on the labour market and the free movement of persons with the EU.