It’s strangely quiet in Germany.

As the first German head of state ever, Frank-Walter Steinmeier speaks at Yad Vashem, about the Holocaust. As the highest representative of his country, he figuratively falls on his knees and pleads guilty before the whole world.

“The perpetrators were Germans. Those who murdered, those who planned and helped in the murdering, the many who silently towed the line: They were Germans”, Steinmeier confesses. “The worst crime in the history of humanity, it was committed by my countrymen.”

Nobody is shaken, however.

On the biggest stage in the world, Steinmeier argues that the Germans have not drawn the right lessons from their history. He wishes he could say: “We Germans have learned from history once and for all”. However, he confesses, he “cannot say that …”.

A head of state calls his country to account, rubs pounds of salt in the deepest of the wounds, but Germany doesn’t even twitch.