First Christian Constantin ensnared the people, then he allows it to fall. Valon Behrami he is attracted to Wallis, by hugging his wife, Lara gut was the only and you in the private jet back and forth was driving when she was injured.

was failed with Behrami after a few weeks, could not resist CC, Behrami is still a pass, after he had complained about the infrastructure in Sion: “It is always the poor workers, who say they have poor tools,” said CC.

it was the obligation of Murat Yakin, the CC first as the “best coach of the Switzerland”, praised, to take leave of him shortly after, and as a fool, you know, the “need to take an intensive French course”.

his latest Ex-Coach Stéphane Henchoz sounded CC very quickly, although Henchoz had to ride with Xamax the Barrage best. The Ex-Liverpool professional CC found finally a man by the name of Christian Zermatten, who has worked almost exclusively in the Amateur area. And CC sat down with the Bank.

the players that he has lured with all sorts of promises to the Valais, with wage cuts, although there was of course no legal hand.

this self-glorious man, who is not too stupid to give the Elvis, tasteless find. Sure but CC is no longer just a splash of colour in this League, as is often claimed. But a ruthless Egoist.