Fresh, pious, cheerful, free. The are still the father of gymnastics, Friedrich Jahn, in 1807, formulated attributes, when we talk about gymnastics. The educational, drill-like, military and easily spiessige Image clung to this “physical exercise” for a long time.

Also in 1832, in Aarau, founded in the Swiss gymnastics Association. It has long been regarded as a little sexy and a little cool, in the gymnastics club to participate. But that has changed a long time ago.

The gymnastics experienced like Swinging a tremendous upswing. Twelve years ago, were in women’s 56’000 gymnasts at the Swiss Federal. In Aarau, there will now be 66’888.

Yes, the gymnastics has once again become trendy and full of lust, it fits exactly in the spirit of the times. The value of the gymnastics club in each village, as the expression for Fitness and health and as an important staple movement of social life flares up again.

The Swiss Sport live from the base. By the turn ends and the football game children and seniors ends. And not of the sometimes ridiculous and corrupt figures, the top sports brings forth sometimes.

this base is strengthened by the sometimes grotesque commercialisation of sport, the Swiss Federal gymnastics festival is, for the sixth Time to Aarau, the birthplace of the Swiss-turn movement, returns.

Aarau was the least of football in the headlines. The forecast is for daring: The victory in the next ten days will go to the Turner. A 4:0, there are at least. And the winner for this round, all of them.