Gottlieb Duttweiler was a revolutionary in the Small. He eased the lives of the people. Before its Migros, you went into the grocer’s shop and asked, for example, flour for as much money as you had in my pocket. The seller weighed it tedious, stuffed it in a bag and slammed it on the counter. It was short on cash, realized that the seller immediately and engaged the Others in a small middle-class, sometimes embarrassing conversation. “Dutti”, in contrast, weighed, and Packed his Goods from the outset. 200 grams of flour, 500 grams of sugar, yogurt in a Cup. Was sold it on the Migros car to a round amount. It was efficient and modern.

Such, Migros anecdotes from the past to tell the elderly. A certain amount of gratitude always. It is the Migros-DNA on which the company relies today.

On Thursday, Migros announced a blockbuster: The subsidiary companies of M-Way, Depot, Interio and, above all, the globe should all be sold. On Friday, the fitness center M for Fit and the chicken quick-service restaurant Chickeria. The Justification? You are not fit to Migros-DNA. The stressed Migros-chief Fabrice Zumbrunnen several times. They were elsewhere successful. Search now – attention, Manager a cliché-Alarm – a “Best Owner”.

What, then, is what accounts for the Migros? When is a good time for a company to the family and when you can dispose of them? We take a company like M-Way. They sold electric bikes to good Parts over the Internet. A sustainable product in the market of the future. Which is not to please, to fit in to the Migros? Or the chunks of the globe. For over 20 years, the Department store in Migros-owned.

Clear: The Tax-not the Image is what looks to be the cooperative. But: The most profitable part of the globe, food is the delicacy Department. Also, Migros continues with “Sélection” to a noble house brand. And earned, thanks to a high margin good money at it.

The economies in the retail sector is hard, so relentlessly. Who does not trim fit, dies. Since it is legitimate that even the Migros goes beyond the books – even if you have to pay as a cooperative, any profit to shareholders.

you guessed it already: If today the talk of the Migros-is DNA, more at that time, as a Migros makes it easier for people life. Globus and Interio would be profitable, would they fit, of course, continue to Migros-DNA, by Fabrice Zumbrunnen on Thursday said.

Here is something else: to Survive. Everything else is chatter.