It is a Bang in Basel: coach Marcel Koller will not be dismissed. Instead, it’s sports chief Marco Streller to the collar that is on Friday afternoon for his resignation. It is the end of an ugly power struggle. The FC Basel of weeks horrible image.

Streller came up with his Plan to dismiss Marcel Koller as coach and replaced by his buddy Patrick for President Bernhard Burgener. So Streller remained in the end nothing else than to throw in the towel. For further cooperation with Koller is unthinkable.

To dirty the game with the Trainer, which was dismantled, despite the continued running of the contract slice by slice and mercilessly was.

Now, the mistaken turn. Behind, Bernhard Burgener, the club owner and FCB President. He accepted the Streller-plans with the framework and listened to the reasoning of the Koller-page. And who knows Burgener, the should not be surprised, to be a final judgment. The self-confessed statistics-Fan held to the 58-year-old Trainer, and not for the 37-year-old sports boss.

Koller said: If a coach has the team behind him, in 23 only a Play but lose, and the Cup wins – then he has done something right. And that a dismissal with up to 2.5 million Swiss francs could beat beech, is also a fact.

The player revolt last year did not help Streller, too. The head of sports, making a statement that it is that the team at Burgener values Koller, is in retrospect an own goal. Koller’s Position was so weakened sensitive. It’s all different now. Koller is Burgeners word and Strellers Makes a withdrawal again and can through. This is the one or the other Streller-Familiar in the squad and in the staff tremble.

it Was Streller over the two years of a bad head of sports, seen? No. He has made good Transfers such as Ajeti or Omlin, players such as Akanji, or Elyounoussi sold for 25 million or 20 million francs. But he also had some Flops – and at the coach’s choice, he had determined on the moment not a happy knack.

What can you Streller, however, was not to blame: He has identified himself, always with his employer and drew all sorts of criticism. This shield is now out for the rest of the bosses way.

Marcel Koller has no Streller more in the neck. But actually, only a very thin Basis for his future Work. Now he needs to show what he’s made of.