Oh, as soon as the first good offer fluttering into the house, is the way. The especially Fans from the Lucerne home of YB-Coach Gerry Seoane according to the first rumors that he might switch to the Bundesliga thought. One that makes the FCL after a half-season, slopes, thinks so. And so. The thought. You were wrong fundamentally!

As the first club from the country of the Northern football promise a concrete interest expressed, Hertha BSC Berlin, made Seoane the opposite of what many expected. He gave Hertha a basket and a commitment to YB, which means This summer he can not change now. Even if Manchester United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich would fight to the Lucerne.

“I’ll stay in Bern!” These four words are strong in this Phase. And if you can prove something: that Seoane after just half a year, Lucerne ripe for YB had felt. An attitude of expectation, he has not disappointed. And that he came to the conclusion that the Bundesliga will come to early for him.

It must eat you up inside tear, the temptation to work in the cosmopolitan city of Berlin, in an ambitious club, not to succumb. Seoane the. And this one: How meticulously he plans his career after Champions League and League title more shows.