Since yesterday, Venezuela sinks into Chaos. The self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó has kept his promise, and Brazil and Colombia from the first American aid on the dictator Nicolás Maduro has blocked the limits brought into the country.

But the hope of the Opposition knows well: His after yesterday’s 23. February-named Operation 23F is probably the last Chance to lift the Regime out of the saddle.
Although the first Venezuelan national guardsmen have laid down their arms and fled to the neighboring country. However, it can be a mass-ation desert.
The situation is fatal: The despots in Caracas, another Option remains little as the game with the highest risk. Without violence against the own people his Power is all that counts. But he overstepped the mark, he risks a military Intervention of the Venezuelan neighboring countries and the United States.
There is the pressure on Donald Trump increases with Maduro’s orders to shoot on unarmed civilians. The return Venezuela to democracy is long a foreign policy hobby-horses of the President.
Sets Maduro secretly to an American Intervention, to secure to the fight against the hated Yankees, the support of Russia and of the international Left, and hence – maybe – the Power?
On Saturday only a: Maduro and his corrupt Clique, who have performed the oil-richest country in the world into the abyss, the field will not clear without a fight.