“Our sunshine woke always cheerful, tidy and loving Janis, is gone. It breaks my heart!”, the father of the little boy, Donghua Li (51) said, to the “Schweizer illustrierte”; it made the tragedy public.

For the, what is the artistic gymnastics Olympic champion of Atlanta 1996 these days is going through, missing each comparison. On Friday a week ago, he noticed that the stomach of his seven-year-old son is swollen. He goes with the child to the doctor, the one immediately to the hospital. The devastating diagnosis: A malignant liver tumor has already formed metastases. Four days later, on Tuesday, dies, Janis is in the ICU. It is 17.55 PM.

Donghua Li: “The worst was that I was able to make for our Janis, nothing more. I could only pray for him!”

Probably no one who has not lost even a child, can really understand how it’s Donghua Li. But the shock and the dismay, shaking the whole of Switzerland. That a child has to go in front of his parents, is against the natural course of life.

Our dismay about the sudden death of little Janis is so great, because he leads us relentlessly before his eyes, how little we have the really essential questions of our life under control.

“The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away.” So is it in the Old Testament, in the book of job, whose origins date back four millennia. But no one needs to be religious to know: It is not us who determine our existence. We were never.

Only we make it clear to us today. We give us the Illusion to have everything under control. To decide which way our life. And that there is a solution for everything: modern technology, modern medicine already. Finally, the man is as old as never, comes closer to the research the eternal life.

We are insured for all cases, we have anything and everything a law and an authority to us techniques and Algorithms is virtually unlimited – from the Parking system to the wrist-watch, which monitors our sleep, particularly in Switzerland, the fully comprehensive, the widely used zero-risk mentality is far. Uncertainty and unpredictability we’re used to.

but even in our well-to-do mindset, the Hyper-modern, high-tech, medically well-equipped country that all help is in vain. Between a happy Childhood and death in the ICU, sometimes only four days.

Then all questions: Why? Without receiving ever a reply.

this is Precisely the Moment in which we should lead us again and again that our happiness is neither self-evident nor guaranteed duration.

But there is something that we really have in Hand: We should not move everything Important in life on later. And we should ensure that we are at peace with ourselves and with the people who are important to us – and also for the case that there is suddenly no more Later.