“Take back control” was the Slogan of the Brexit advocates in the referendum campaign in 2016. What you meant by that but really, was: Make Britain great again!

Boris Johnson is not only a British Prime Minister. He is also the author of a biography of Winston Churchill, the legendary statesman, who had saved the world – so it suggests an at least Boris Johnson almost single – handedly against the national socialists. The 2015 edition of the published book, breathes in every line Johnson’s request, this importance for the country to recover.

For the European Union, the author, in turn, has let down at the end of words. At one point, Johnson is not too bad, to denigrate the Nazi-occupied Europe, as a kind of predecessor project of the EU. You can keep the always tried to the rhetoric of the EU as the biggest peace project in the history of the world for plated – Johnson’s Nazi is just stupid and vicious.

in Order to bring it to the point: Prime Johnson wants to take out of hell than a second to Churchill in the history books. This is the whimsy of an Eccentric, as they are bred in England’s elite schools. How far away these Obsessions of the life-world of the of all the are most British men and women, you need not to stress.

Now the British Parliament Johnson has sunk to a Plan for an orderly Brexit. You do not trust the big Fabulierer on the way. And even if the outlet in the UK will be taken out of the EU, for once: The British world is not resurrected Empire, therefore, yet again. The wheel of time with still so much of the rhetorical Tricks and so much imagination – thank God! – don’t turn back. Real Great Britain will always remain a place of longing for Johnson and company.

For these considerations it is, according to the yesterday’s Parliament debate, however, is too early anyway. In London, Chaos reigns for the moment.

The Brexit is and remains out of control.