party of the President Regula Rytz (57) showed on Sunday, even taken by surprise – the Greens new 28 instead of 11 Councillors, their vote share increased to 13.2% (+6,1): That was not the expected “green wave”, which is a green flood!

This historical success makes you want more – among other things, to enter in the Bundesrat! The Green-President, said in VIEW: “never has a party has been strengthened as the Green this Sunday. This must be reflected also in the government.” And: “It is a new magic formula need now.”

On 11. December, all seven Federal councillors for re-election, this would normally be a routine process. But currently, nothing more is normal in the Federal government in Bern: In the next six and a half weeks, a completely new dynamic could emerge.

The decisive role is played by, of all things, a shrinking party: the CVP. For decades, she loses voters, on Sunday, it was overtaken by the Green. And yet, the Christian people’s party is so powerful as is for a long time, because in the new Parliament it acts as tipping the scales: together with Green, green liberal and SP, you could deselect one of the FDP in the Bundesrat and the Federal Council, on the throne, together with the SVP and the FDP, she could prevent just that.

For the CVP is a big lure, With a green Federal Council or of a green councillor to fall this role in the government. To the left of the CVP, there would then be two SP-Federal councillors and a Green, on the right, two SVP-government and a free-minded.

parties to strive for the Environment to green the Federal Council, you can’t suppose this is understandable. To select him or her right now, would still be wrong.

first, a dismissal is not equivalent to the political System of Switzerland. The Federal councillors are supposed to work for our country and not for their re-election. Since 1848, there were 119 members. Only four have been deselected. All under special circumstances.

Secondly, in hectic times like these to stability just. Switzerland has always served. It is no coincidence that in this country, after every election, a new government comes to Power, the power, First of all the measures of their predecessors undo.

the composition of The Bundesrat is part of our balanced Constitution. Also, the SVP had to prove over several elections, that it is permanent, until you got your second seat. This evidence must now also provide the Green: 2023, will show whether the green turning just a Hype or a real turning point.

Consolidate the Green parties of your new Power, really needs a new key for the composition of the Federal Council – a pioneering throw as the magic formula of 1959, a Federal Council, including not more all of the relevant forces.

Many variants are conceivable. The can go to the voters share, according to the number of seats in Parliament, or to the weighting of the political camp. Just one thing must not happen: that out of sheer arithmetic and calculation is forget to select in the first line of the best politicians in the country to the top.