In Berlin, activists from “Last Generation” have blocked roads again. These so-called activists speak of “civil disobedience.” In reality, they use blockade as an aggressive strategy, revealing an astounding double standard in their actions.

Citizens have every right to draw attention to what is important to them – even loudly and disruptively. Our right to demonstrate protects even those forms of protest that cause inconvenience to others, such as traffic jams or detours. There are clear rules for all of this. This begins with the proper registration of such protests.

However, the young people who call themselves “Last Generation” and want to stop the “fossil madness” do not think about obeying the law. They deliberately choose illegal methods, using superglue to stick themselves on busy roads and freeway ramps. The desired effect occurs promptly: huge traffic jams and traffic chaos. It takes a long time for the police to remove the hands of the “climate stickers” from the asphalt.

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It seems that the “last generation” are now deliberately stepping up their aggressive actions. After all, the war in Ukraine, inflation and the threat of energy shortages have overtaken climate policy on the political agenda. So the public and politicians should be reminded by force that a climate catastrophe is imminent.

These so-called activists speak of “civil disobedience.” In reality, they are violent criminals. Your weapon is the blockade. They want to use it to impose their will on other people and prevent them from driving to work, taking children to school, running errands or going on a trip. An angry populace is supposed to get politicians to meet the demands of the democratically illegitimate “last generation”.

These street squatters don’t care if doctors can’t go to an operation or mourners can’t go to a funeral, if a blocked person misses an interview or an important business meeting. The blockers feel morally superior to everyone else and act according to the motto “the end justifies the means”. This is exactly the attitude shown by those who want to force others to behave in a certain way.

Climate protection, the legitimate concern of the “last generation”, is being discredited by their own ruthlessness. Their approach is based on the cynical, downright depraved calculation that the victims of their blockades would accept their fate and not forcibly remove those stuck from the street because that would result in serious hand injuries. The blockers seem to enjoy the fact that they have to listen to insults from angry drivers. After all, they achieved their goal: to make life more difficult for uninvolved people for a few hours.

What a double standard: I impose my will on you in an illegal way, but of course you have to refrain from illegal resistance. When these “activists” finally have to be dragged away by the police because they absolutely don’t want to leave, they scream as if they are being severely tortured. What a pathetic show.

To describe the “last generation” as “climate activists” belittles their actions. At the same time, it discredits all other political activists who try to make themselves heard through legal, democratic means. The term “climate spoiler” fits much better for this ruthless group. With every traffic jam they cause, they not only increase CO2 emissions; at the same time they spoil the political climate. This “last generation” is the last thing that will get us any further in the current situation.