Alexander Dolgopolov.

the 25-year-old Russian comedian Alexander Dolgopolov today made a statement on Twitter and asked for help to the fans, confessing that he is in severe depression and often thinks about death.

I’m a long time struggling with depression, and in recent days it came to processing, I constantly think about death and feel the loneliest in the world. No one’s giving me money for a doctor. no, I don’t know what to do. Some advice, please, I was saving to write here,

he wrote.

In November of last year, Dolgopolov became the hero of the show Yuri Dude “wdud” in which has told that suffers from bipolar disorder.

With bipolar disorder you have manic depressive episodes alternate. Most of the time you’re depressed. And in the manic episodes of energy out of you literally pouring, but not so much when you slept well and eaten, it burns you up inside and you can’t calm down until they will realize their ideas. Depression exists, and the importance of dealing with it is undervalued in our society. We actually have big problems with empathy, people devalue your feelings,

he said.

earlier this year the comedian decided to emigrate to Israel, but to settle in a new place he failed and two months later he returned to Russia. To leave the country Dolgopolov decided after it filed to the court a resident of Orekhovo-Zuevo, a joke of a religious nature that hurt his feelings.

Dolgopolov also critical comments about the current government, which, he said, turns a blind eye to many problems. The regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin, he was called “bedrock”.

In comments to the post Dolgopolov his fans began to advise him necessarily to go to the doctor, and some even said it was ready to provide financial support.

Emergency psychological assistance can be obtained by calling the following numbers: +7 (499) 791-20-50, +7 (499) 173-09-09, +7 (495) 989-50-50, + 7 (495) 625-06-20 or +7 (495) 051 051 mobile and landline phones.