the Ministry of justice of Russia has developed the draft of amendments to the Civil code. In turn, the Ministry of Finance prepared the necessary changes to the Budget code. Both agencies emphasize that innovations only relate to the officials. Come to ordinary people with the requirement to report questionable stash, no one will.

But the life of a public servant should be as transparent as possible. He is obliged to live on one salary. Because if the suitcase is under the bed of an ordinary clerk suddenly find a million dollars, this will raise reasonable questions.

Every year, civil servants pass the Declaration on incomes and property. In 2012 was adopted the Law “On control over compliance costs of persons holding public office, and other persons to their income”. It gives prosecutors the right to go to court to get the state income, cars, real estates and securities belonging to the officials, if there is no proof of legality of their acquisition, and the cost exceeds the official income of the family in the previous three years.

the System works successfully. According to the Prosecutor General, last year the courts on the claims of prosecutors recovered from the officials in favor of the state property worth more than 20 billion rubles. It’s revenue for luxury cars, expensive watches, land plots and many more that were clearly officials can not afford. Unless, of course, fill it honestly.

However, as explained in the Ministry of justice, the existing procedure does not apply to the funds. That is, if the official has a yacht, on which he not save for all their honest lives, the Prosecutor’s office may, through the court to withdraw her in income state. But if officials have the dubious Bank account, file a claim in court is impossible.

New initiatives to correct the situation. Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin some time ago, spoke in support of the bill. He stated that he has instructed the profile Duma Committee to join the initiative.

on 30 July, the General Prosecutor of Russia Igor Krasnov on the Board of the Supervisory authority has set new subordinates problems that affect the investigation and confiscation of criminally acquired property.

In particular, he instructed prosecutors to oversee the investigation of criminal cases about the crimes connected with the withdrawal of overseas assets, pay attention to timely communication of the investigative authorities with the units engaged in operational-investigative activity, Rosfinmonitoring and banks. This, according to him, it is necessary to establish the entire chain of movement obtained by criminal means and when discovered abroad of property with criminal activity of the accused in order to further his conference��of scale.

As stressed by Executive Director – chief of staff of the Association of lawyers of Russia Stanislav Aleksandrov, is supposed to pay state income funds in respect of which in accordance with the legislation on combating corruption is not presented the proofs confirming the legality of their receipt of persons, who are obliged to declare information about their income and assets, and spouses and minor children. According to him, the judicial procedure for the removal of such property serves as a guarantee that the constitutional rights of citizens are protected.

As explained by a member of the Association of lawyers of Russia Maria Spiridonova, the proceeds transferred to the state Treasury for subsequent distribution in accordance with planned budget expenditures. In addition, she said that the funds seized in the investigation of corruption cases, are paid to the Pension Fund. Often going, and the money raised from the sale of seized property officials. In the case of adoption of the proposed amendments, the Pension Fund will be sent and the officials confiscated the money.

the General Prosecutor’s office demanded to withdraw and pay in state income the property of the former member of the Council of the Federation Rauf Arashukov and his father Raul Arashukov worth nearly half a billion rubles. As reported by correspondent “RG” the press service of the Supervisory authority, on the results of matching revenues and expenses of son and father Arshakovich it was found that when wages Raul Arashukov from 2007 to 2017 in the amount of 65 million 917 thousand rubles, and Rauf Arashukov for the period from 2009 to 2018 – 15 million 651 thousand rubles they acquired the property on 1 billion 469 million 127 thousand.