Already two thousand years ago, even prophets, called that moved through the area and displaced the population in a panic: “The end of the world! Buses Do!” Because of this, Warner apparently had a leased line to higher powers, rallied the Fearful, and without a sense of Humour around you and ate out of your Hand.

Who spread the most fear, had the most supporters. With the figure of the devil, Christianity won the Pole Position. From now on, the Damocles was hovering sword over the heads of the sinners, and certain of their Actions.

The future according to Nostradamus

The master of panic, Nostradamus, said the future until the year 3797 advance and wisely 1566 died, in order him, no one could blame his mistakes is doing.

in the summer of 1999 “a great king of terror” from the sky down should drive, there was no doubt that Putin (or rather Kim Jong-Il?) the world would destroy. Since the two were otherwise engaged, interpreted the nebulous verses later as a poetic description of a solar Eclipse, and henceforth, it was said that Nostradamus had said that the Eclipse of the sun.

Greta, the talking leaflet

The present-day doomsday prophets are not religious leaders, but scientists. The Club of Rome published in 1972 “The limits to growth”, the Oil reserves would dry up by 2010. When you have filled the tank last? Then the bark beetle crawled offices in the Editorial Board, and we took leave of the fir tree in the neighbor’s garden.

The current panic campaign with an autistic girl as a talking leaflet was a clever idea of PR professionals Ingmar Rentzhog. Only you will use less to the climate than the share price of his company and the two joint-stock companies of Greta’s father.

save the climate, a Pony ride

not degenerate into a ride When the “save the climate” to the new “Pony” is, it needs technical innovations and AIDS to birth control, because the majority in the West does not want to restrict, and the third world will not renounce the begun industrialization.

The dirt spinning in the factories of the 19th century. Century were not eliminated by scrapping the steam engines and a folkloristic relapse in puberty, but due to new inventions (and social improvements).

Claude Cueni (63) is a writer and lives in Basel. In his novel “Godless Sun,” he described the emergence of a new nature religion. Cueni writes every second Friday.