. And ask yourself, what could that be?

The present-day world-class pianist Lang Lang sat in his father’s dreams already at the age of seven every day until seven hours at the piano, cheered on by the Future. Also, behind Michael Jackson (Pop), Bobby Fischer (chess), Julia Fischer (violin), Andre Agassi (Tennis) or Philippa Schuyler (Piano) were the parents who accompanied the talents of their children with the intensity and the chance of an accident, as a lie-shot. With Success.

A justification of disaster

Nevertheless, defendant long Long later, the demanding dedication of his father; his Childhood, he says, was full of tension. Bobby Fischer died of loneliness and as an anti-Semite, followed by delusions of persecution. Also Philippa Schuyler seems to be as an adult terribly unhappy to have been. Michael Jackson? Just. Julia Fischer is likely, however, your life is fulfilled.

The Belief that one could not measure a good or bad education of the adults, she brings forth is called the American writer Adam Gopnik is a “Causal Catastrophe”, a justification of disaster. To view Childhood as a series of educational measures, which should lead to a particular result, is in his eyes not only nonsensical linear, but also pathetic.

The Best in the Now

helicopter parents are bad, because they bring risk-averse adults to emerge? No, says Gopnik, because you are nervous. And in the Moment. The reason why we do not want our children to spend play days with the computer, should not be that you the benefits for your career, but because we want to share with you today the excitement to build in the forest a hut. And when a child experiences the clarinet hour regularly than an hour of torment, it might be quite in order, his Whining to budge, even if the last spark glows with hope to a future virtuoso.

If you want the Best for a child, then ask the best what it is right now the Best. The question is difficult enough, given the uniqueness of each child. And leads you from the future, way in the present – the only time we really are. Everything will be fine.

Ursula von Arx has children who prefer to play no Instrument. And still need to. Because the mother hopes, the joy of a place then still. She hopes for years. Von Arx every second Monday, writes in the VIEW.