with this Cologne “crime scene” so some effort and opponents. The result is negotiated, among other things, the question of whether a murder is worse than another, so To Is the brutal, gruesome death-Beat of a police officer worse than shooting someone in cold blood shoot? And the one who does Wrong deserves to be, that the Same does to you?

the “crime scene” here will be a big burden, and so it is not surprising that he can not answer conclusively. If Ballauf shoot in the final scene, a murderer or a killer, who in turn, wants to shoot a killer shoot, blurring the moral boundaries of the viewers. Who deserves it more now “” to die, one wonders, inevitably, and it feels uncomfortable.

also the one or the other weakness. The always annoying new assistant Jütte, for example, which still works barely, and in addition, since the fifth sequence, no significant profile – and a mild rebuke because of his support of assassination of justice disappears. Or the Swiss actor Max Simonischek, who plays the partner of the murdered police officers with an intensity between by an offended liver – sausage, latent Aggression and pathetic that a hair ruffle. Not in the good sense. Maybe it is just a personal antipathy, I could see the man, barely, as he has recently given in the cinema the Zwingli. l

Rating : Three and a half out of five