salary statement, work-related expenses, Bank account statement: As I have a lot of Switzerland sit in these days, probably Swiss, sweating in front of the tax Declaration should be submitted by the end of the month. “Damn, I need a proof.” No reason to lose the nerves because of having to pay taxes makes a lot of sense, in order to reduce social inequalities, such as several well-known economists in their new books show.

The French Economics Professor Thomas Piketty (48) made already in 2013 with his Tome “capital in the 21st century. Century,” caused a big stir and heated discussions. Now it comes even worse: In the new book he has about 1300 pages of minutely the connection between “capital” and “ideology,” and wants to eliminate a shortcoming of the first best-seller: in it, he described the political and ideological development as a Black Box.

Now, Piketty brings light into the Dark and writes: “All human societies have to rely on to justify their inequality.” Whether the European feudal society or slave society – every Form of life is ideologically underpinned. Modern society claims that each of them had the same opportunities of market access and acquisition of property. But this doctrine from the 19th century. Century, today is becoming less and less viable, so Piketty.

He demonstrated the facts of Empire, as it was after the Second world war, the fight for equality and education, economic powers of development and human progress possible. However, the “conservative Revolution of the 1980s” led to a great inequality. To avoid that concentration to come again to a mass-free property, games, progressive taxation of Inheritance and income also in the future an important role.

“Should pay billionaires to 23 percent of their income as taxes, as it is in the USA, the presence of the case, or rather to the 50 percent, such as around 1970?”, questions the two Berkeley professors Emmanuel Saez (47) and Gabriel Zucman (33) in her new book. “Should corporate profits, as in the year 1960 with 52 per cent, or since the tax reform in 2018, with 21 percent to be taxed?”

That recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (35) is uttered ironically, at the Munich security conference, to pay more taxes, shows that social explosive potential in this inequality. However, Saez and Zucman warn: “Before we can tax the Rich effectively a higher tax, you must reduce the tax avoidance. We need to create institutions that a robust tax system is sustainable in the long term, even in an age of extreme inequality.”

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