“This prohibition also applies to communities for worship services and other events of religion.” Would close all the cinemas and theatres, as well as Discos, Clubs and Bars, which offer music and dance events.

about a week markets, the local supply were used and events were “for reasons of overriding public interest” necessary to be Exempted. “What we Keller said say at this point of visiting Restaurants and pubs, performing with a range of food, a supply function is”,. The previous recommendation to avoid the events-of-way had not been adopted on Friday evening in Cologne rather, it is “given to Corona-parties”.

goose bumps-moments against the loneliness: Italians defy goosebumps Shutdown with balcony-music FOCUS Online/Wochit-moments against the loneliness: Italians Shutdown with balcony-music

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