Collectors called the main causes of delay of Russians on credits

the Main reason for congestion of Russians on loans are financial constraints. It refers approximately 58% of borrowers. In an interview with RIA Novosti said the President of the National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA) Elman Mehdiyev.

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on average, every fourth Russian has difficulties with repayment of the loan. Among the main causes of delay – the drop in the level of revenues (30%), inability to cope with their debt burden (20%), job loss (18%), lack of available funds due to rising prices (17%). Often causes debt to become a inability to properly plan your finances and family circumstances.

There are those who don’t want to pay the loan as it does not agree with the amount of debt. There are 9%. Another 6% make a default on payments due to the fact that you don’t understand the conditions and don’t know how to make a payment. About 5% of borrowers, experts refer to the fraudsters, who took a loan and did not plan to repay.

At the same time every tenth Russian is ready to pay the arrears only after the relevant court decision. However, litigation is not a quick process. Debt repayment begins after about 9-12 months after the court decision and return manages only 14% of the debt.

According to Mehdiyev, to avoid contact with employees of collection agencies the Russians will allow only the timely and full payment of debts.

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“But if you have problems, consider the manifold as a consultant, you can and you need to discuss how to get out of the situation of non-payment. Dialogue is always better than a deaf – isolation- because the debts will not disappear on their own,” recommends Elman Mehdiyev.

According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Bank portfolio of loans granted to Russians in January 2020 rose by 0.8% and amounted to 17,6 billion rubles. The share of loans with overdue payments over 90 days to total loans for the month rose 0.1 percentage points to 4.6%. In the work of collection agencies today is 7 million loans totaling more than a trillion rubles.