the Duchess Meghan was a near tongue-tied, when she at the weekend had to speak in front of 700 school children ahead of international women’s day.

Here ventured a cocky high school student to list a kiss and a hug out of prince Harry’s wife, after the pupil in a hall chock-full of fellow students said that ‘she (Meghan) really is beautiful’.

the Duchess was at the school Robert Clack Upper School in the town of Dagenham in east London, where she among other things told the students that they need to ‘appreciate the women in their lives’, and to ‘set a good example for the men who don’t value women’.

In this connection invited she the 16-year-old high school student Aker Okoye on stage, and it was here that he saw his chance to give Meghan both a hug and a small kiss on the cheek. It writes Sky News.

The bold maneuver led to great applause from the other students in the hall, and applausen was only greater, as the Aker Okoye subsequently called the duchess of the beautiful.

“She is really beautiful, is she not? I will have to tell the truth,” he said and got big applause.

“international Women’s day is a reminder to all that women can do everything, and that they actually do anything,” continued the teenager from the scene.

“This is a message for all of you guys: Maybe this Sunday (women’s day, red.) can be the day where we don’t look at women as objects.”

Sky News has spoken to the 16-year-old high school student, which tells, that he subsequently sent a letter to prince Harry, in which he has written that he hopes, that the prince is angry, that he stole a kiss and a hug from the duchess.

‘I hope you don’t mind that I kælede with your wife,’ is reportedly in the letter, which continues:

‘It was an honour to hear her talk and to be allowed to talk in front of her.’

Aker Okoye wish subsequent the prince ‘and the best of luck in the future’, after which he concludes the letter by writing that he hopes that the two meet one day.

Meghan and Harry will officially enter back from their royal duties 31. march.

Their last official event will most likely take place today, Monday the 9th. march.

the royal couple to join in the celebration of Commonwealth day, which is held in Westminster Abbey.

Harry and Meghan have stated earlier, that in future, they will try to reside just as much in the Uk and north America, and that they will work to be ‘financially independent’.