The Swiss are drinking less soft drinks. And more and more Energy Drinks. In which market would you invest? The answer is clear.

that’s Why the verb eat, the Coca-Cola company, the top dog in the soft drinks market, more business with the pick-me-makers from the tin. He sells in Switzerland, the well-known Monster-Drinks – but produces nothing itself.

With Guarana, no taurine

the new product is now called Coca-Cola Energy. Since two weeks it is, among other things, in the German supermarkets. The product is expected to come soon in Switzerland, even if does not want to Express, Coca Cola Switzerland yet.

The clear alignment of the new product by the name of the mother brand is not a coincidence: unlike, for example, the Monster-effervescent Coca-Cola Energy tastes like Coci. In addition, an extract of the Amazonian Guarana plant is inside, no taurine. The sugar and the caffeine content is in the standard variant, the same as in the classic Red Bull. In addition, there is a sugar-free variant, of which the taste of Youtuber junk food guru in a Test, however, as “close to disgusting” means.


the Price of Coca Cola rises in Germany on a competitive basis: The recommended retail price for a 250-millilitre can of is 1.19 euros, so good to 1.30 Swiss francs. In the case of Red Bull, this is at 1.29 euros, which is significantly higher than 1.40 francs, but it is often sold at discounted price wars.

And also with a different number of the Coca-Cola company shows how important it is to him to be a success with Coci-Energy. The seven million euros he Butters according to the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” in Germany alone, these days in Marketing. (kst)