Cola, Fanta or Sprite’s new in 450-ml vials. The smaller amount of retailers sell for the same price. A hidden price increase! In the case of the large bottles, the buyer will lose even more. A Liter is reduced to 7.5 dl.

The downsize is from the Coca-Cola company (the VIEWS reported), who also produces Fanta, and Sprite. The detail traders with but. So Sprite zero cost about Coop in the old and new Version, respectively, 1.40 Swiss francs. Especially curious: When test purchases, the vials were of different Size next to each other on the shelf.

Migros customers in part

In the case of Migros, the smaller vials are sold at an unchanged price. The new 0.75-Liter bottle, you’ll work with the customer, but in terms of price, so a Migros spokesman on VIEW request. The price will be adjusted, so that customers get the same amount for the same money. No price adjustment will be Volg.

At the kiosks of Valora, the new bottle sizes are still in the range. “The conversion is carried out in the coming weeks,” said a spokesman. The price for the customer, will remain the same. It was the price policy of Coca-Cola dependent, he explains. Also, the SBB subsidiary Elvetino changed on the price of anything.

Coca-Cola argued with a local cost –

The new 450-ml-PET-bottles are a bottle of head small, two inches and about two millimeters thinner. The retailers have no choice whether you want to record the new bottles on the shelf. The Swiss Department of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) has changed in the middle of March the production. Now only the smaller bottles leave the bottling plant.

The reason for the downsize: You customize the packaging constantly, and I see a tendency to smaller sizes. It is committed to Switzerland as a location, but had to cope with local costs, which had been over the last few years consistently high.

the criticism for the switch comes from the Foundation for consumer protection. “The product Coca-Cola does not appear to change nothing, therefore, is nothing else than a hidden price increase”, said President Prisca Birrer-Heimo in January for the “Tages-Anzeiger”. Customer-friendly this is not.