Coastal geoglyphs is still not solved

Discovered a few years ago when the construction of the highway in Primorye, the geoglyphs are still continue to agitate the minds of scientists. As reminds “News:Primorye”, referring to the publication “Chronoton”, a gigantic image was found by accident. He spoke in detail about the amazing discovery of Svetlana Shapovalova, PhD student at far Eastern University. The mysterious signs, which are visible only from the air, dedicated to her work “the study of the group of geoglyphs in Primorsky Krai near the village of Terijoki”.

From a scientific point of view, the geoglyphs — drawings on the surface of the earth in different forms, most likely created by removing the upper layer of the soil. “News:Primorye” has already talked about the amazing discovery in 2015. Six of geoglyphs located in the area of construction of the highway Vladivostok – Ussuriysk, along the banks of the river Razdolnaya, at a great distance from each other. The total area of the figures is about 40 sq. km. the study showed, the figures are three for each Bank. And the one side of the river they are the same size for 302 meters each, with another three different shapes shapes. The precise form of the drawings impossible to understand — through them passes a road and a forest.

Scientists still do not know who and for what purpose were these huge figures. It is known that the geoglyphs were discovered in various parts of the world, for example, at us in Chelyabinsk region. One of the most famous of such places — the Nazca lines. How could there be such huge image and what their purpose remains an Enigma.

Text: GTRK “Vladivostok”