The main owner of “URALCHEM” Dmitry Mazepin urged the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to start negotiations with the protesters. Russian businessman sent a letter from the Russian-Belarusian business Council, extracts from it publishes RBC. According to the businessman, the Russian authorities can not remain aloof to “in the heat of implacable senseless struggle” not to destroy the Federal government. The Russian businessman has proposed to create a Committee of national salvation.The Russian-Belarusian business Council was established by the chamber of Commerce in 2012. It includes rostec, Sberbank, VTB, LUKOIL and other companies. A native of Belarus Dmitry Mazepin Chairman since 2018. The last time he was one of the richest Russians in 2015. Forbes then estimated his fortune at $1.3 billion (63-e a place).”Turn… to recognize the obvious facts of the protest of tension in society — and not wasting time to sit down at the table for peace detailed negotiations, which should culminate in the release of political instability. This opportunity may soon become the only one, so it should not be lost,” the statement says. He called for an end to the senseless bloodshed and violence against civilians.The Russian entrepreneur believes that the Belarusian intellectuals, businessmen and politicians must create a national salvation Committee. It is assumed that it is “on behalf of the population will be able to speak with authority on an equal footing”.In Belarus from 9 August to continue protests at the presidential elections, won by incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko. Detained 6.7 thousand people. Affected more than 600 people, killing two.About protests in Belarus — in the material “Kommersant” “Alexander Lukashenko saw off the entire Minsk”.