Russian satellites demonstrate the “unusual and disturbing behavior”, following in the orbit of the American satellite, says the commander of the newly created Space forces of the United States. “In November last year, the Russian government launched a satellite, which later is separated one, stated on Monday the head of space command and commander of the Space forces General John Raymond (John Raymond). — These satellites are near the government actively maneuvering satellites by US and behave like another pair of satellites, which Russia launched in 2017 and called them “satellites inspectors””.

Review of Raymond was the first significant statement of the Cosmic forces and reflect a growing concern by enemy action in space is one of the reasons why the USA created a new kind of troops for the first time since 1947. On Monday, the trump administration has requested $ 18 billion for space forces and other space in the next military budget.

First reported by Time magazine (Time).

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on Monday, Raymond said that the recent actions of Russia put it among the countries who “turned the space into a theater of military operations”.

“In any other area, such actions would be treated as potentially dangerous behavior, said Raymond. — This is an unusual and disturbing behavior, and it is fraught with the dangerous situation in space. The United States believes these actions are dangerous and unsuitable for responsible space power”.

Raymond also noted that when the Russian satellites “showed the characteristics of weapons, when one of them launched into space a high speed projectile” after the deployment in 2017, the United States raised this issue at the UN Conference on disarmament.

Assistant Secretary of state for arms control, verification and compliance Ilim Poblet (Yleem Poblete) informed the conference participants that “the behavior on the orbit of the Russian satellite in 2017 was inconsistent with any previously observed, from the orbital inspection to inform about the space environment, including other Russian satellites inspectors.”

“what Russia tells us through diplomatic channels and publicly, perhaps the opposite of their intentions about this satellite,” she said.

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