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Before the presidential elections in the United States has renewed the activities of the Russian Internet trolls that try to influence American policy, found CNN Before the presidential election in the United States resumed the activities of the Russian Internet trolls that try to influence American policy, found CNN
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Before the presidential election in the United States resumed the activities of the Russian Internet trolls that try to influence American policy, found CNN. The TV station conducted its own investigation and came to the conclusion that the bots are now better disguised, more focused and do not operate from the office in St. Petersburg, and in Ghana and Nigeria.

In 2016, a large part of the trolls involved in the campaign for intervention in elections in the United States, worked out of an office building in Saint Petersburg. A CNN investigation showed that this part of their functions were outsourced to Ghana and Nigeria, where he created a new “Troll factory”.

the Bots are mainly focusing on racial issues in the United States. They advocate the empowerment of black people in the States and often are aggressive to white Americans. According to experts who follow the Russian campaigns of disinformation, the current goal of trolls is to stir up controversy among Americans and provoke social unrest. In addition comments and posts on certain topics, bots began to use graphic images. They act on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, posing as Americans.

They created more than 200 social media accounts (most of them appeared in the second half of 2019). Perhaps under their influence are able to get hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of people around the world, the authors of the investigation. One of the Ghanaian bots account which is now deleted, wrote about the alleged incident the police attacks on blacks and argued that this is evidence of the “transformation of America into a fascist police state”. This same account was offered to “remove” some of the Senator-Republican, whose name in the investigation is not called.

Trolls have already found in Facebook and Twitter. Representatives of the first social network deleted account 49 and 69 groups in Facebook and 85 of accounts in Instagram, which was created “to participate in foreign interference”. All of them were from Ghana. Have deleted pages in Facebook was about 13 200 followers Instagram – 263 200 followers. Twitter has removed 71 account. In General, these accounts were signed by 68 thousand people. Both of these bots social network associated with Russia. New “Troll factory”, according to the leadership of the social networks were in the early stages of the formation of the audience, they engaged residents in Ghana and Nigeria. First and foremost, a network of bots is focused on the United States.

CNN also posted a photo of the building in Ghana, which was used as the headquarters of the local “Troll factory” and talked to one of her workers, who, according to her, had no idea that “will work Russian Troll.” Employees were given special mobile phones and a list of topics that need to be addressed in the posts on social networks. Only the factory employs 16 Ghanaians around the age of 20 years, who communicate through an encrypted Telegram app, and the messenger is rarely used in Ghana.

the Building is the headquarters of the trolls is a short distance from the capital, Accra. It rented a small non-profit group called Eliminating Barriers for the Liberation of Africa (“Removing barriers to African liberation”, EBLA). Facebook claims that the people behind this organization tried to hide their aims and coordination between them. The investigation experts of the social network has shown that EBLA associated with people from the Russian Agency for Internet research, which, in turn, is associated with Petersburg “the Troll factory” and “Putin’s cook” Eugene Prigogine.

the fact that Russia began to interfere in the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, February 20, wrote The New York Times. According to the newspaper, the scouts warned the house of representatives (the lower house of Congress) that Moscow intends to seek re-election of U.S. President Donald trump. Intelligence agencies believe that Russia is not waging a campaign of disinformation directly but “causes Americans to” spread it yourself. As it happens, in the material of the newspaper was not specified.

the Washington Post, citing its sources reported that Russia is allegedly trying to help another candidate for the nomination of the Democratic party of the United States – Bernie Sanders. The response to the publication stated that it did not need any such assistance and urged Russia to “stay away” from the American elections.

CNN, in turn, said that the representative of U.S. intelligence agencies to ensure the security of elections Shelby Pearson exaggerated intelligence information about Russian interference in the presidential election of 2020. Three representatives of national security told CNN that the evidence that Russia’s intervention is aimed at re-election trump, no. Deputy press Secretary of the White house Hogan Gidle ==called data about Russia’s intervention in the election of 2020 is a joke and an “absolute lie.”

the Russian Embassy in the United States also expressed “deep concern” over the allegations, stating that this myth “exploited by political forces in Washington to achieve SVoih opportunistic goals. The Embassy said that Russia does not interfere in the internal Affairs of other States, and asked politicians “to stop allegations and anti-Russian component in the inter-party struggle in the USA led to “unprecedented degradation” of relations between Moscow and Washington.

In mid-February, Senate Democrats called on Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin to impose sanctions against Russia over alleged interference. According to the senators, you must determine who is behind the meddling in the American elections, and to target sanctions against all those people, including against the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. “To do anything less would be an abandonment of your responsibility to protect the United States from this grave threat to our national security and the integrity of our electoral process,” the document reads.