Such is the assessment from the FC Midtjyllands managing director, Claus Steinlein.

unique in scandinavia because the sovereign top team has on Sunday, home advantage against AC Horsens.

“We are not going to close a sole spectator into the MCH Arena at the apartment. So, roughly, we come indtægtsmæssigt to miss a small a million. It is a lot of money. Economically, however, we need enough to survive. But you may as well fear that there will be more matches of a similar kind also in april and maybe even into may,” says Claus Steinlein.

on Monday put the director in the organization of division, Claus Thomsen, so concrete figures on how much the clubs lose a round without spectators.

“It costs in the region of 20 million kroner per round as a result of lost entréindtægter, necessary refunds, and lack of sales of food, drink and other. The loss will be on the rise round for round, if we play without spectators,” he says to Ritzau.

He thinks at the same time that the clubs have the right to compensation, since, with Friday’s call by prime minister Mette Frederiksen to cancel or postpone events with 100 participants more – is talking about an injunction.

IN the FCM have so far, however, no current plans to oppose the authorities ‘only’ has made a recommendation, and not an injunction against that tilskueropbakningen to, for example, a League match shall be limited to an absolute minimum.

“We’ll just right into. The authorities do not do this to annoy. It is indisputable, that it is hard for society, but we stand together, we will come unscathed through this period also,” says Claus Steinlein.

He has fine with that the organization of division have decided that the unique in scandinavia because the fixtures will be played as scheduled.

“I think easily that it can be performed in this way. Actually I do not see any alternative. The only thing I fear is that it can get sporting consequences. For what if a club suddenly gets put eight players in the corona-quarantine and therefore subsequently get such poor results, that it ends up with relegation? Demotion from the premier League will in an economic perspective have very serious consequences,” says Claus Steinlein.

IN FC Copenhagen, who occupies the unique in scandinavia because the second place 12 points behind FC Midtjylland, has on its website announced that the health ministry’s recommendations and that in the remaining part of march to play its home games without spectators.

What this economic come to mean, have the FCK’s press officer, Jes Mortensen, this comment:

“We don’t have the overview yet. It depends on how long it lasts, so we do not want to mess us out to talk about it. In short, We have not made a calculation.”

But as for Thursday’s Europa League clash against Istanbul Basaksehir was expecting something near a full house in the Park, it must be assumed that I am so far going to miss out of the revenue of close to tens of millions of dollars.

Sportsøkonom Jesper Jørgensen, who is the COO of the company Deloitte Denmark, calls the current situation of ‘strong problem’.

“I can’t imagine that the lack of resources on the map itself are going to pull the rug out from under the Danish elitefodboldklubber. As things are screwed together, they earn substantially more money from the tv and sponsoraftalerne than from the spectator – and kampindtægter. But a ‘dark horse’ in the total equation is quite clear how the sponsors react. For can the mon may require compensation for the reduced promotion?” he asks rhetorically.

Jesper Jørgensen has in the short term, a bit hurt by the AaB in Superliga-grundspillets last turneringsrunde Sunday, 22. march get a visit from AGF.

“This is a fight that has the potential to draw around 10,000 spectators. As for AaB, it will certainly be an extra bitter pill to swallow, that you do not get the box office,” says Jesper Jørgensen delete reference to the Aalborg club as late as last week presented a deficit for the last financial year of almost eur 34 million. crowns.