when Waasland-Beveren to put up with Club Bruges and now also have a second club in the 1A players are technically out of work. “One of the necessary measures for the purpose of the association is to guarantee, according to the chairman, Vincent Goemaere. “It’s not a popular measure, but believe me when I say, there are going to be there for the next few days, we have an example to follow.”

Through a variety of call conference tried to the board of directors of the Club last week to settle with the players. “Because of the wide range of interest groups found that, unfortunately, it is not possible, after the chairman, Vincent Goemaere. “That’s a lot of players have to be rented or the end of the contract we have, of course, there is also a lot to do with it. So We took the plunge, and this brave decision has been taken. We are well aware that this will not be a popular measure, but we’re going to be after this crisis is over, community activities, be a part of what the government is going to get to give back to the community. Now, however, there are a lot of uncertainties and, as a board, we need to take the lead. We are a company with 70 employees, and are not income, and no one knows how long this will last. “

The owners of Monaco, were also in favour of the resolution. “They will be forced to take action,” says Goemaere. “The situation is getting worse because the competition was only halfway through, and the televisiegelden haven’t paid for it.”

” Vincent Goemaere, it is just a couple of months, the president of the Club, but he is already on the board, and it has a clear view of the product in football, after the same name. It is one of the leading advocates of a competitieformat by 20 clubs, and there are no Play-offs. “I have to say that the Play-off 1 is an attractive concept, but in Play-off (2), and 1B are rampformules that three-quarters of the professional clubs could not survive. The televisiegelden are not evenly distributed, the need to now take action against it.”

Storck decided this week to:

But life goes on, and in the future will need to be completed. The players of the Club are now officially, technically, unemployed, but this is not yet an option for the coaches. “But even with them, we want to reach an agreement,” said Goemaere. Next week, it should also be clear whether Bernd Storck’s coach of the Club still remains. “We have a very good suggestion because we all want to be happy with it. But that Storck has been with us and has become even more popular, and we realize that we are not the only club to have him if he wants to be. There will be plenty of competitors, but it’s like in the us, and it is his vision, and I have a good hope that he will remain so. He has promised to use this week to make the decision.”

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