Cloud gaming service Nvidia comes out of beta

the American chip maker Nvidia will now compete with Google and Microsoft Project Stadia xCloud — the company announced that its streaming video game service GeForce Now out of beta.

Nvidia began testing the service in January 2018, when Google and Microsoft announced testing its own cloud gaming products. But Nvidia did not hurry with the official launch.

Recall that the concept of cloud streaming implies the absence of binding to “iron” — people can play high level video games on your tablet or phone without having to buy an expensive console or PC. The company hopes that cloud games will make video games more accessible and attract new gamers.

For a comfortable game need only high-speed Internet, the speed depends on resolution and frame rate, explained in the company. When you connect at the speed of 15 Mbit/sec, the user will be able to play at 720p and 60 fps. To play in 1080p resolution at 60 fps need to connect at speed of 25 Mbit/sec.

Cloud gaming service Nvidia extends, including, on the free subscription that allows you to play one hour, after which it will be necessary to extend the playing session. A monthly subscription for $ 4.99 with an ad and a 90-day free trial allows you to increase the duration of the game session up to six hours.

Prices from Nvidia is much lower than that of competing services. Google also plans to launch a free subscription to Google Stadia, but the cost of the basic subscription service is $ 9.99 a month. A subscription to Sony’s PlayStation Now also costs $ 9.99 a month.

However, cloud service Nvidia doesn’t come with any games. It allows you to run any free games such as “Fortnite,” “League of Legends” or “Destiny 2.” But to play paid games you have to buy them in Steam or Epic Games Store. Users can also transfer previously purchased games in service of Nvidia.

Nvidia believes that the market for cloud-based streaming GeForce Now will find a place next to the services of such major tech giants like Microsoft and Google. “We’re doing cloud gaming for about five years. This is a difficult technology to scale and to work with publishers too easy”. And, frankly, we see this as a ten year project, so we are not too worried about the timing,” said Phil Eisler (Eisler Phil), Vice-President and CEO, GeForce Now.

Now supports GeForce cloud game on your PC, TV, mobile devices, and Krombach. Several tests conducted by CNN Business, showed that the service works quite well, but, like other cloud gaming services, its effectiveness depends on how you have a good Internet connection.

GeForce Now will also allow the owners of computers on MacOS, which is usually unpopular gaming platform partly due to the limited support for external graphics cards, immerse yourself in any game, previously only available for the “console gamers” and PC-schnick.

“of Course, no need to change big honking gaming computer if you have it already. This service is for those who can’t run the game due to the fact that work on the Mac, or, for example, do not want to buy a new gaming computer,” said Patrick Murad (Patrick Moorhead), President and principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy.